Hello Amazon!

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Hello Amazon!

So now that we have a house, the next step was to furnish it.  We chose to use Amazon and Facebook Marketplace, since we were able to do most of this remotely.

We found out the night before closing there was a tax lien on the property, but with some last minute scrambling we were able to still close on time.  We had furniture and Amazon deliveries arriving that same day and a grocery order that wouldn't have fared well in the Florida heat.

This was just one of several deliveries that arrived the first week. In my haste, a couple of the orders were delivered to our home address in Wisconsin. The UPS Store wasn't very happy when I walked in with a return like the one in the picture!


Since my husband wasn't able to take off work, my mom accompanied me to set up the house.  She was a huge help getting things put together!